For these “Moon Graffiti” techniques, I listened to This American Life Episode 484: Dopplegangers by Fred Armisen and Ira Glass.

In this about 57 minute episode, I listened to the certain aspects which made up their storytelling techniques and what they did to really bring the story to life.

First of all, I really liked how they used different characters on their audio clips to create a sense of actual characters and people with them in their story. They helped to create an immersive atmosphere and cohesive story.

They also used different kind of voice audio, such as a staticky kind of audio, creating the visual image that someone was talking over a phone, rather than still in the same room.

They also used music to intensify certain parts of the story when the plot was thickening or getting trickier, and they wanted to portray those feelings and thoughts deeper via the music.

Finally, they used softer audio when people were talking to sound like they were in a crowded room. This helped to set atmosphere for what was happening, and how the characters were interacting with others around them.

Listening to this audio clip gave me an insider’s look as to why people love podcasts so much- they help you create wonderful stories and interpretations you would never think possible with just text alone!

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