For this assignment, we were to listen and learn about audio techniques and ways to use audio to the best of our ability.

For the TED Radio Hour videos, just by listening to their different techniques (one using sound, the other without) I learned how much of a difference the two videos worked.

By using sound, to me, it sounded more like a story being told. As it was an actual story about detective work, I thought the music fit the atmosphere and created empathy and feeling towards what you were hearing, causing you to be immersed into the story itself.

Without the use of music in the other, I was able to pick up on the pauses and breaks spoken between the important aspects of the talk. It helped to keep me focused on what was at hand, and what was really important by the way they were able to emphasize their words.

In the ScottLo audio clips, I found that he also did well in using pauses and breaks within his work to get his points across. He paused in between each section as to not throw off the listener as to where he was in his techniques or instructions. Overall, both of these techniques of using or not using music in audio demonstrates just how important they both can be, and how they can be used to create different feelings and emotions depending on what kind of audio you’re trying to produce.

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