This week was all about audio and how that aspect can really help create or change a story.

I’ll have to admit, this has not been my most favorite topic to study. I wasn’t (and still aren’t) very good at the Audacity software and learning the ways of creating audio. I liked being able to try to create different audio and trying different tasks, but the software seemed a little hard and tricky to use, even after watching various YouTube videos on how-to’s for Audacity.

The comments on my website this week were really great! People seemed to really enjoy what I had to put out into the world, and I was excited to see that encouragement from others!

Otherwise, I really enjoyed listening to and watching the different videos on audio storytelling. I found the techniques to be quite interesting, and helped open my eyes to the possibilities of what can really be made with audio!

Here are all of my assignments created for this week:

Thoughts and Ideas:

Storytelling from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

Moon Graffiti Techniques

Audio Assignments:

Sound Effects Story

Sick Beat

Daily Creates:

June 5th Tweet

June 7th Tweet

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